1. “The Cascade” in Hong Kong by Edge Design Institute, 2007

    (Source: reprogrammingthecity.com, via ourpublicspace)

  2. RDG Planning& Design along with David B. Dahlquist: “High Trestle Trail Bridge” (Des Moines River, Iowa)

    "The bridge creates an unexpected experience in a landscape often overlooked by Central Iowans. The rotating steel gates can be disorienting at high speeds on a bicycle– this effect encourages cyclists to slow down, or even stop at one of several lookout points. When still on the bridge, the forced perspective contained by the linear experience, A to B, is shattered. The bridge then becomes about experiencing the expansive landscape on all sides."

    Link: http://matthewjohnsondesign.wordpress.com

    (Source: streets-alive)

  3. Before and After images from New York.  Great articles attached with many more transformations that redistribute the street.

    I say complete, you say streets!!  Complete…

  4. Look how many vehicles fit into this small garage!

  5. Click image for an article on using snow to demonstrate automotive demand lines; conversely identifying free space for conversion for other road users.

  6. Green roof on Chicago, USA city hall.

  8. SWARM, by Stuart Keeler, 2009

    6th Street LRT station.  Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

  9. So beautiful! Kuwait

    (Source: booooooom, via architectureofdoom)

  10. This Swift Tower project was designed by Menthol Architects in Poland for the Kopernicus Centre on the banks fo the Vistula in Warsaw.

    Poland’s population of Swifts, once excellent, has fallen away sharply in recent years, largely we understand as a result of large-scale projects to insulate apartment blocks by cladding them and injecting roof voids with insulation materials, depriving Swifts (and bats too) of breeding and roosting places.

  11. Using UVA designs in windows to prevent flies intos (usually leading to bird death).  Human eyes can’t register the light waves (UVA-A) designs, but the birds can, and do, and steer clear.  : )


  12. Camrose County, Alberta has set up a human waste to energy system. Closing a waste loop and creating green energy. Solution for small cities.

  13. Berlin Metro, U-Bahn, Konstanzer station is striped to liven the station interiour.  Well done.

    (Source: the-beautiful-everyday)

  14. Using mushrooms roots, mycelium, as a compostable packing foam.  SO COOLL.

  15. This bridge in Purmerend, the Netherlands, has a steeply arching upper level for pedestrians and a zig-zagging lower level for cyclists and wheelchairs.

    Designed by Dutch studios NEXT Architects and Rietveld Landscape, the Melkwegbridge crosses the Noordhollandsch Kanaal to connect the historic city centre with the Weidevenne district.